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Plastic Factory Band Shoot

Updated: Mar 30, 2019

This week I met and shot with five piece Alternative/Garage band from Birmingham. Their sets produce electrifying energy embedded with catchy riffs and lyrical prowess, all of which is warmly welcomed by a growing fan base. The first song released, 'Cruel World', has been tagged as 'Pure British Substance' as well as containing 'Smokey Beats'. 'Lets Roll', caught the ears of twitter armies who labelled it 'funk rock genius'. 2017 saw a change of drummers and with it a change in sound. They have made one release with the new line up 'Kower' with a second, with video, in the fires.


Christie Geoghegan (Vocals) Dylan Platts (Bass) Joe Geoghegan (Guitar) Adam Timmins (Guitar) Luke Bennett (Drums)

For more information on band or music photography in Birmingham, London and across the UK, please contact Garcia directly

Plastic Factory Band Shoot

Plastic Factory Band Shoot

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