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What Makes A Great Hair Collection?

Updated: Mar 30, 2019

What, in your opinion makes a great hair collection?

A combination of having a great concept, using the right models, having brilliantly executed hair and beautiful makeup. If one of these elements is out of balance it can ruin the final image. The hair must be the primary focus of the image, with the rest of the details (makeup, styling, pose) selected to compliment it.

Garcia Morales - Hair & Beauty Photographer in London

What do you look for when choosing models for hair shoot?

When casting models for a hair shoot I look for strong beauty models with great skin, interesting bone structure and beautiful hair. Non professional models in my opinion are a no-no because you can run the risk of being let down on the day and not achieving the results you want. A professional model is much more than a pretty face, it is someone who is able to interpret the brief and bring your creations to life when interacting with the camera. Your hair collection represents you as a hairdresser, your salon and your brand. You are producing your best work to be put on display and you need the right models to do that. If you are choosing to book a experienced professional photographer for your collection, the rest of your team should also be of that same professional level.

Garcia Morales - Hair & Beauty Photographer in London

Do you think it's important to book a fashion stylist for a hair shoot?

I think it depends on the concept and style of image you are aiming for.

In some cases, for example, very close up crops (usually short hair looks), don’t necessarily require fashion styling, as there is not much of the body in shot. In this case I would always ask my client to consider the option of jewellery, accessories or strappy tops just in case an extra touch of detail is needed to balance the image.

For any shoots that are ¾ length crops or more, a fashion stylist is 100% necessary. Again, each element of the image plays a vital part in making a successful collection.

Garcia Morales - Hair & Beauty Photographer in London

How important is retouching for a hair shoot?

Retouching is an important element of the final images for the purpose of cleaning up stray hairs, enhancing colours and making the images pop. In my opinion over retouched images look cheap and artificial and makes the viewer not trust the level of skill that has gone into the hair styling, makeup work etc.

Garcia Morales - Hair & Beauty Photographer in London

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